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Knowing – The Clarity We All Crave


I rewatched Burlesque today, it’s one of my favorite movies, and as I watched it a new sense of understanding came to me. One of the reasons I enjoy this movie so much is because it portrays so well that sense of knowing that I see in many of the most successful people in the world.

They know what they care about, they know what they want to do, and they know, more than anything else, that things will go their way.

Christina Aguilera plays a dancer who falls in love with the burlesque style the moment she lays eyes on it. In an effort to stay in the environment she so enjoys, she essentially forces her way into a position as a waitress. Granted, the waitress that she replaces is somewhat inept.

It’s not what she really wants to do but at least she can learn more about what it takes to become a burlesque dancer.

One day though, to her surprise, auditions are being held. She didn’t get the chance to prepare but she’s been studying this form of dance for a while now and believes in her ability to perform an audition.

At the end of her audition, she begs Tess to let her in stating how she wants so badly to get this job. She swears that she will work so hard, that she will “practice until [she] bleeds”. And after a minute of begging, Tess reluctantly agrees to give her the job.

Now a member of the ‘band’, she starts her rise to the top, ending the movie as a hero and admired performer, admired by all her co-workers and fans.

It’s the story of trust, that sense of knowing that, above all else, you will finish first (in whatever manner suits you best).

That is something I really wish I possessed more of. I wish I knew with such certainty I wanted to contribute to this world. And yet, with all the things I’ve tried, I still don’t really know in which direction my path lies.

I suppose I’ll get there one day, more than likely by releasing my own preconceived notions about what life is supposed to be like.

Because, no matter what else, I know the ultimate goal is happiness and that the ultimate job is one that you love.

As it turns out though, unlearning something can often be a bit more difficult that one originally thought. I still find myself trying to force a revelation. Continuing to strive for some unknown end goal that I cannot fully see. It’s the concept of the blind leading the blind. I’m rushing head first for my future with a blindfold over my eyes. And I know it’s silly, and that the best option is to slow down, or even stop, so that I can get a more accurate view of my surroundings, or even remove the blindfold entirely.

It’s not an easy thing to do and I find myself constantly looking toward the future, asking the question “what if I’m still here this time next year?”

In the end I don’t know how I would feel. I can only say that for now I’m doing okay, and assuming that a year spent here would somehow turn bad, is presumptuous. And more than likely, if I really do want a change before the year goes by, I will find a way to make that happen. So, logically speaking, there is no reason to worry about it. But still, I find it difficult to stop worrying about it. I have a fear of standing still.

But life never stands still, even if you want it to. The nature of life is change. So, even if I am at exactly the same place, surrounded by the same people, and in the same job, I will not be the same person I am today by the time tomorrow comes around.

And so I’ll keep practicing my breathing. I’ll practice taking smaller steps so that I can see where I’m going. And just maybe, when tomorrow comes again, I’ll know a little bit more about what it is I really want.

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Debt – Why did anyone think this was a good idea?

debtDebt – What is it good for?

If you’re anything like me, you expect more from life. You don’t want to spend your days plodding along just trying to earn a buck so you can pay off your college debt. Your time is too valuable for that.  And it is, even if other people tell you otherwise. We are humans, the most intelligent creature that we know of and over the centuries we’ve created the most amazing things. And while we continue to develop and grow, so many of us find ourselves stuck in jobs that we don’t care about.

This is getting more common too as we try to find places for all the workers we don’t need. We try to make sure that everyone can find some manner of abundance, but the reality is, most of the workers in the world would be better suited doing something else.

Now I get that secretaries are considered important because they check the spelling of names. They fact check and do their best to make emails, letters, and other suck products presentable. But seriously, since when did it become important that we spell everything correctly. This is what we call a high-class problem. In terms of survival, your ability to spell doesn’t even make the list. In fact, your ability to spell and use proper grammar only matters to people who have too much time on their hands (aka most of us).

We don’t have to fight for survival anymore, so we’ve found other things to worry about instead. Things such as money.

Oh Money

We spend our days trying to get it and we freak out about it in fear that we might lose the things that are most important to us because we don’t have enough of it. And sure, you might lose you house (which is your shelter and a vital piece of survival) but that’s only possible because we came up with the concept of credit in the first place. Yeah, property tax might be a factor too, but that’s got more to do with corrupt bureaucrats more than anything else.

You lose you house because you bought it with money you did not possess. It’s common place too, the purchase of things by credit, but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous.

In modern society, there should never be such a need that some has to fight to survive.

Now I get that you don’t want to be responsible for everybody else’s well-being, but we live in such an interconnected society that you can’t help but do just that. You can resent it all you want, but in the end your resentment is only ever hurting yourself.

And of course, if we did a good enough job of taking care of everyone from the start, this wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Besides, the only reason that you resent taking care of somebody else is because you are afraid that without that money, food, or shelter, you will not survive. If you felt abundant and knew that you could freely give from your excess income, there would be no issue with sharing the wealth. Just look at those with new money, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. They tend to be some of the most generous people we know of. They give so much to others, and sure they have more than enough for themselves too, but ultimately they seek to provide a better world for the children of the future.

Old money is a little bit different, they tend to hold onto their money a bit more, but when you look at the situation closely, their reasons for not giving are the same as yours. They didn’t build their own fortune themselves, they don’t know how the money making process works, so they live in constant fear that if they give away the abundance they have, there may come a time when they don’t have enough for themselves.

Sure, maintaining their wealth is easier than building wealth from scratch, but you should be able to see how their fear parallels yours.

I myself struggle with this fear, even though I only have about $15,000 in debt. That’s a very small number all things considered, but as I struggle to make my way in the world, there’s a constant fear that I won’t be able to pay my way and that lack of money will come back and bite my mother instead.

Personally, I think I could survive being homeless, it wouldn’t be fun but I could do it. I’m pretty sure I could even go out into the wild and learn how to survive in the forest. My ancestors passed down many abilities that I don’t currently use, but which exist none the less. But I can’t say the same for someone else. So while I would be okay to face the consequences of not having money, I don’t want to inflict my debt onto someone else.

I suppose, to one degree or another, you share my worry. Even if it’s worry for your own well being. You have a right to survive, to live, and even to live well.

Money is everywhere too, people win the lottery all the time and businesses deal in million dollar exchanges, billion dollar exchanges even. It should be easy to find the money you need, and I’m sure, once I figure out my method of earning, that it will be. How many businesses exist out there where people earn enough money to live on, and more. Some of them are even so ridiculous that I’m left scratching my head, wondering how such an idea could make money.

But should the process of finding money even be that difficult?

People often tell me that we are designed to work, that we benefit from the working world type environment and that it provides benefits to us other than money. And while that might be true, I still call BS. We lived without jobs for centuries, we navigated our world in a community of mutual caring. Sure, some people were killed and some died of, what today, we would call ridiculous causes. You performed your specific tasks (tasks of survival, not desk work) and grew in community.

If I needed to go out and kill my families required amount of meat, I’m pretty sure I could do it. I could also garden to produce vegetables if necessary. I might not enjoy it, but from my experience, gardening doesn’t take up that much time. And as vulgar these jobs might seem to me, I still view them as infinitely more interesting that data entry positions.

But, even as I describe this scenario, I know that such tasks are not longer necessary in our increasingly automated society. Many of these things will become completely automated over the next few years. We’ve revolutionized our survival. We’ve come so far.

So why haven’t we change the way our exchange occurs?

The time has come for change people. We shouldn’t have to worry about our debt, we shouldn’t have to fear for our survival, or income (which is our equivalent of survival today). We evolved out of the hunter gather society, and it’s about time we started to recognize that we’ve come to far to continue to live as we have for the past couple hundred years. It’s time to hit that reset button and allow a new society of abundace, growth, and exploration to begin.

Let’s get started.

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It’s Time to Create a Character – Starting Out

Create CharacterAs you move forward in your writing career, you will come across a need for character creation.  Each author differs in his or her approach to such a challenging task. Often debating about how long character sheets need to be, if you even need one, and just how much detail needs to be included.

On average, most authors tell you to err on the side of ‘the more, the merrier’. I can see where they are coming from, I’ve certainly struggled with my own characters, and still do on many occasions, but I have constantly found that there is no substitution for writing in your character’s perspective.

Characters have a habit of hiding their true nature, just as humans do.

You can write out pages of character history and dig into every aspect of your characters life. You can describe every character trait you want them to have and even come up with a particular speech tone if you so desire, but I’ve often found that no matter how detailed I get, ultimately the character I wind up writing is significantly different than planned.

That’s not to say that all of your hard work will go to waste, certainly, a bit of research into what type of person you want to write about is helpful, more that you can’t get to attached to the initial character design, or in fact the character. It’s the nature of character to evolve and, despite what so many authors say, it isn’t until you get a sense of the character’s emotional behavior that you can really start to flesh them out.

Your character could have been raised on a family farm with the most loving parents anyone could ever ask for, or tortured for years in secret service holding block, but either way, it’s not until you understand how your character feels about that environment, and how that environment affects their ‘now’ behavior, that you can reliably write from their perspective.

There are some basic topic that you will need to figure out in an attempt to get a taste of your character, but don’t be too surprised if some, or all, of that information changes.

It’s only by interacting with your character that you can begin to understand who they are.

The king of all, when it comes to character creation, is writing. You have to write from the perspective of your character, and through that process, you will truly learn who they are *assuming such a thing is possible ;). That being said, you do need a little bit of information before you dive into the writing process. Starting with your character’s representation.

Step 1 – Representation       Step 2 – Gender     Step 3 – Environment      Step 4- Occupation     Step 5 – History

Character Creation in Action

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Abundance Around Us

It constantly amazes me just how abundant the world around us is. And while I struggle at times to figure out my own situation, the truth remains that money can be made in an infinite number of ways. I remember reading that the lead actors on The Big Bang Theory earn $1 million per episode. Can you even imagine how amazing that must feel?

People make a living doing the things they love and it’s becoming common place for people to defy the odds and start a business which propels them into a life of untold abundance. I mean, who would think that you could make billions of dollars selling dog food, or clothes? I love my dogs, but I am just not that focused on what’s best for them (which is perhaps why I’m not the one who gets’s the pets, merely the one that they cuddle up to).

Even considering the jobs I have had, money can be made in the strangest ways. Fast food, for example, is certainly not necessary to the survival of our society, but they make tons of money every single day because they are extremely convenient and provide the opportunity for someone to get food without having to prepare it themselves.

We catch glimpses every day of the future, a future so free flowing and abundant that the contributions you make will only be contributions that you truly care about. Everything will be taken care of and you will only be responsible for finding your own path. It’s a beautiful dream, and a beautiful reality that we are racing toward.

That’s not to say that people don’t struggle currently, but more that they won’t have to for long.

Like many others, I often wish that I could speed the process. That I could reach a level of financial security that allows me to forget about the necessity of money altogether. It might only cost around $600 a month for me to get by, but that $600 can be a challenge to come by.

But life doesn’t tend to work that way, in fact, our world tends to respond in the manner of “law of attraction”. I understand that not everyone agrees with the concept of the law of attraction, but the more I learn about it, the more accurate I find it to be. When I worry about things, I inevitably find myself in situations which cause me to think about it, and worry about it, more.

Would that I could easily program my brain to ignore all the unpleasent topics. But, I know that if I could, I would be ruled by a weak mind which could be changed in an instant. My strong beleifs and desires are a powerful thing, but just like programming a computer, it takes some time to rewire the mechanism.

So, I remind myself that everything comes in perfect time. I will get everything I need and I will continue to survive. It might be uncomfortable at times, but it’s my choice to linger in the uncomfortable. I can choose to focus on the solution instead of the problem and dream of what I want rather than focus on what “is”.

You can do the same. What good does looking at the current situation do you? How much do you gain by pointing out where you currently are? The future belongs to the dreamers, the ones who see a future beyond our current limitations. Where would we be without the dreams of others? Martin Luther King Jr was a prominant dreamer who inspired a new a better future just as the creators of Star Trek and Star Wars did. Who’s to say what dream is right and whose to say what you can and cannot do.

Dare to defy the norm and ignore the warning signs that people tell you to watch. Your current situation is not a reflection of who you are, it’s a reflection of who you were. You cannot choose to stop growing and you wouldn’t want to. Instead, focus on the future, on the person you want to become, and the present circumstance will comply with the strength of your desire.

Dream big and don’t accept limitation. You are a creator, a child of the ultimate creator, and your life is meant to be abundant and rich; don’t settle for anything else. What does it matter if others call you a fool, when you’re living a life full of the things you love? Only you know you’re path and only you can create the life you want, so get started today.

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The Lotto

I was thinking today about the lottery and how truly brilliant the person who came up with it was. Just think about it for a few minutes. You ask people to purchase tickets so that they can enter a chance to win a prize worth significantly more than they invest. $1 could afford them the change to win millions.

Each $1 investment adds to the potential amount that can be won. For example, for every dollar invested, you can auction of $0.25 of it. If you get 100,000 people to purchase a ticket, than you can offer a $25,000 and people will still feel like they have a real chance to win significantly more money than they put in. It’s an opportunity that’s hard to resist.

$1 on your part could mean $25,000 in the near future (or tomorrow).

Similarly, if those same 100,000 people bought 5 tickets each the potential 1/4 winning total increases to $125,000. $5 investment than can turn into a $125,000 winning.

We could even start a lotto of our own. Each person can purchase an entry and we can guarantee a winner who will receive 1/4th of the profits.  If only one person enters of course, it wouldn’t be very worth while, but if 12 people do, the winner would get a $2 increase on their initial purchase. Not bad. And the more people purchase, the higher the return, and the more exciting it becomes.

So, does anybody want to create a lotto? 😉