Wide Shot – (WS)
Medium Shot – (MS)
Close Up – (CU)

1 – (MS) Man pulls a shoe box off a shelf and opens it, the contents of the box glow similar to the briefcase in Pulp Fiction
2 – (CS) on the shoes [non-descript] on the crosswalk of Broad St.
3 – (MS) The man smiles as he walks downtown. Two Women cross camera and the camera pans to follow them.
4 – (MS) One of the Women pulls a designer dress off the rack.
5 – (CU)/(MS) Woman rubs the collar of a jacket her Husband is trying on
6 – (CU) Child places a dog toy on the counter
7 – (WS) Family walks down the sidewalk, Puppy with toy in mouth
8 – (MS) Child stares amazed, either at stack of books or other educational material
9 – (MS) College Student lifts a cup of coffee off the table as they read a book outside the coffee shop
10 – (MS) Family laughs and enjoys each others company at a restaurant for dinner
11 – (CU)/(MS) A couple clinks their glasses together in celebration
12 – (WS) End on “iconic” shot of downtown with tags & logos