Modern Built Classics – A Behind the Scenes Look

As much as I’ve always wanted too, we have not had the fortunate opportunity to have a Behind-the-Scenes photographer on set with us during a Life Bridge shoot. Luckily for us that finally changed. While we’ve enjoyed all of our shoots and we are thankful for the many opportunities that have been presented to us, there was just something special about having our photographer with us while filming these extraordinarily beautiful cars.

Waking up that morning we were all excited to start filming, but it just so happens that we picked the coldest and windiest day of the year. We all bundled up as much as we could and rolled out. Upon arrival that morning, I knew we were filming the fastback and the blue camaro, but seeing that orange SS parked outside as well really made my day. I don’t know what it is about that car but it just speaks to me.

cars lined up

Locations for that shoot were pretty easy to find; the first location where we flew the drone I had actually discovered while longboarding with a  friend. It had that country feel complete with apple trees and a white fence. The second location was a road that at one point was intended to lead to a new mall and shopping areas for our town. Yet when the economy crashed nothing was built so it left us a decent stretch of four lane road that is barely occupied. The one thing I was unprepared for, though warned about, was that everywhere we went people were fascinated by these cars. Who can blame them? They would stop traffic, stare, ask us questions, take pictures, it was like we were driving our own personal car show. Though I felt slightly out of place with my own Jeep (whose a trooper).

All in all it was a fantastic shoot, however, not just because of the cars. It’s because Dude Thomas and Richard Whitley are fantastic people to know and to work with. Few people are genuinely as courteous and kind as they are. Check back here and at for updates on the new cars they will be rolling out of their garage.


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